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New "Mystery of Ireland" ring in Sterling Silver depicting Irelands most well known Celtic Symbols. 

Triple Knot - the beautiful simplicity of the triple knot symbolises eternity and continuity.  The interlace pattern never ends and is the key to Celtic Knot work.  In Christianity it is used to represent the Holy Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit
Spiral - representing the Newgrange Tomb in the Boyne Valley Co. Meath. Older than Stonehenge and the pyramids of Egypt, this magical ancient burial ground was built by Neolithic communities about 5000 years ago. In this new age many people have adopted this symbol for its connection to the past
Mystery Of Ireland Ring
Ancient Symbols reflecting the
mystery that is Ireland.
The following leaflet is included
with the rnig
Claddagh - the legend tells of a sailor from Claddagh in Galway, captured by pirates a week before he was to be married.  He learned his goldsmithing skills while enslaved and made this ring for his beloved.  The heart symbolizing their love, hands for friendship and crown for loyalty.

Shamrock - is without doubt the most identifiable symbol of Ireland.  It was used by Saint Patrick, the patron saint to explain the Holy Christian Trinity.  The word comes from the Gaelic "seamrog" meaning little clover and is worn the workd over on 17th March - St Patricks Day

Harp - is the oldest official symbol of Ireland.  Used on Irish coins, state seals, official documents etc.   The harp or lyre represented is the small portable type used by Celtic Minstrels, reminding us of the rich legacy of the bard.


Mystery of Ireland Silver Ring
Price: 44.95

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